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Making a Telehealth appointment is easy!

1. Request Appointment Online by emailing us and telling us that you want to schedule a medical telehealth visit, or
2. Call 484-351-8268 and leave a message that you want to schedule a TELEHEALTH MEDICAL visit*.
Please make sure you tell us your name and a way to contact you to schedule the appointment. Our medical telehealth office appointments are a priority, so we will contact you within the hour if you are requesting an appointment.

Most insurance providers have agreed to participate in the Telehealth appointments. In addition, providers have agreed that no prior authorization is required to schedule your appointment.

Please note that since this mirrors an actual medical office appointment with either Dr. Mash or PA Maria Fudala, your usual specialist co-pay will be required and your insurance provider or Medicare provider will be charged for the appointment. *(Cosmetic consults remain free of charge and can be scheduled by sending us an email or leaving us a phone message stating that it is for a cosmetic consult.)

Choose your Telehealth APPOINTMENT type:

We are able to serve you in the following ways:
1. Real-time texting
2. Real time email
3. Telephone in real time with your provider
4. Real time visual via Facetime

Your appointment will be scheduled at a time that is suitable to you and your provider.

Some of the benefits and uses of Telehealth

·   Request a telehealth dermatology visit for yourself, your child, or another dependent (existing and NEW patients)
·   All medical skin issues, hair, nails can be addressed
·   Get a personalized treatment plan during your telehealth visit
·   Have your prescription(s) sent electronically to your preferred pharmacy
·   Medicare and most insurances cover your telehealth visit

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