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Dr. Marlene Mash welcomes you

About Us
Dr. Mash is a board certified dermatologist and dermasurgeon, and a member of many National and International organizations. She received her medical degree from Temple University and has studied internationally to learn advanced techniques. Dr. Mash has been 'voted' and named "Best Dermatologist in Montgomery County" for the past 7 years.

The pratice offers both medical treatments and cosmetic treatments to her patients. Advanced technologies and methods are available.

Dr. Mash holds board certified licenses from Pennsylvania, Florida, and Colorado.  

Visiting physician (and twin sister), Dr. Maria Fedor, Family Practitioner and Dermatologist, also received her medical degree
from Temple University and has worked in both Florida and Pennsylvania. Dr. Fedor and Dr. Mash have worked together for over 20 years, and both continuously receive training in treating the "whole" person and offer this integrative approach to their patients.

Dr. Mash enjoys working in the community with several charitable organizations and opens her office several times during the year in support of needy families and children.  Her open houses provide patients and friends oppportunities to visit the practice and receive complimentary screenings and consultations, and at the same time contribute to many charities.

Dr. Mash strives to treat all patients of all ages with respect and dignity.  She is a proponent of preventative care and she will address patients' needs in relation to their respective lifestyle and age.
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