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In order to serve you better and to provide the best care to you for your skin, we ask you to order our products by phone. 484-351-8268

Dr. Mash recommends using a daily facial moisturizer as part of your skin care routine. Gently cleansing the face removes dead skin cells, dirt and bacteria, but it also strips the skin of needed hydration. 

Remember that water -- not oil -- in the skin keeps your skin plump and smooth. Dry skin loses elasticity, making it more prone to developing wrinkles. Moisturizers, which are usually lipid-based, lock in that water by either blocking it from escaping from the outermost layer of skin, or drawing water from the inner dermis toward the top the of skin. 

Always apply moisturizers to damp skin, and always cover your face as well as your neck. But selecting the appropriate face moisturizer can be frustrating because there are many to choose from and there are many new technoligies being developed. 

Moisturizers stay on the skin for extended periods of time, the wrong ones can wreak pore-clogging, skin-irritating havoc, and the right one will bring improved texture and may reduce the appearance of wrinkles and large pores. To avoid unwanted breakouts and excessive skin care expenses, you would be wise to ask our consultant to help you select the right daily facial moisturizer. A complimentary skin consultation is advised.
Avene TriXera Selectiose Emollient Cream
Avene TriXera Selectiose Emollient Cream is a fragrance-free and paraben-free formula that hydrates and nourishes the driest skin types. It is a well tolerated ultra-rich emollient treatment, formulated for severely dry skin conditions in infants, children and adults.

Apply liberally, twice a day on average, paying special attention to very dry areas on the face and body. Apply after thoroughly cleansing the skin with ultra-gentle, soap-free products. Use more frequently during the winter months.

Recommended Use: Apply once or twice a day to very dry areas on the face and body. Use on skin after cleansing with Trixera Emollient Cleansing bath or gel.

Treats These Conditions: Hypersensitive Skin

Suitable For These Skin Types: All, Flush

Bath and Body: Body Moisturizers, Baby Care

All ingredients are Fragrance Free, Paraben Free

Application Area: Body
$ 49.00
Dr. Mash's Healing Ointment
This speacialy formulated skin-repairing treatment is for post-procedure skin.

The healing ointment soothes and renews hypersensitive, overstressed skin by fortifying its natural defense barrier against environmental triggers while accelerating the healing process.

The ointment contains botanical extracts of yucca root and green tea that reinforce cells natural resilience while squalane calms inflammation. Vitamin E conditions your skin while defending against free radicals.

Great for kind and gentle healing after peels, lasers, and other procedures, as well as scrapes and scratches!
$ 23.00
Essential Serum TNS
The TNS Essential Serum is an unparalleled anti-aging serum that is the first to combine the renowned growth factor serum, TNS Recovery Complex in one chamber and a potent mix of antioxidants, peptides and other innovative anti-aging ingredients in the second chamber. Together these products work synergistically to transform and regenerate your skin for a more youthful even toned appearance.

* The all-in-one anti-aging product
* Improves the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and the overall tone and texture of skin
* Full strength TNS Recovery Complex works synergistically with peptides to build the extracellular matrix
* Seven antioxidants go beyond fighting free radical damage
* Specialty ingredients immediately plump the skin
* Alpha arbutin brightens and lightens the skin

Press on the center of the pump and apply a single pump onto the back of your hand, blend together and apply to the face, neck morning and night. As with any skin care product, avoid getting in eyes. If contact occurs, rinse eyes thoroughly with water.

Contains: Human Fibroblast Conditioned Media, A physiologically balanced, naturally secreted and stabilized combination of multiple human growth factors, cytokines and natural proteins responsible for the production of collagen and other extracellular matrix proteins.
$ 260.00
Glycolic Elite 10% Moisturizing Cleanser
This light, hydrating, soothing and oil-free cleansing formula delivers liposomal Vitamins A,C,E, Green Tea Extract and Co-Q10 to assist in minimizing free-radical induced skin damage while aiding in the restoration of healthy looking skin. Dr. Mash recommends the following use: After cleansing the skin, apply liberally to the hands and body once or twice daily or as directed by your physician

Glycolic acid has become a forerunner in the fight against wrinkles, and has been going strong since its introduction to the skin care market more than ten years ago. And with good reason. This powerful acid, derived from sugar cane, loosens up the glue that holds dead skin cells together. The effect is to exfoliate those cells, leaving smoother, younger skin in its stead. The depth of wrinkles is diminished, noticeably, and darkly pigmented areas become lightened. There is some evidence that this alpha hydroxy acid also functions as an antioxidant, meaning it protects skin from future aging.

Another positive feature of glycolic acid is that by removing dead skin cells, it helps to unblock pores. For those who have oily skin, this usually translates into fewer breakouts, a welcomed bonus.

The tricky thing about glycolics is that it is hard to tell how strong a formula is. Some companies aren't straight about the percentages, and tiny amounts of glycolic won't give you results you can see.

6.7 fl. oz.
$ 24.00
Glytone Essentials Rejuvenate with Additives- The Dr. Mash "Miracle "Mix"
Nick-named Dr. Mash's "Miracle Mix" by her patients, Gytone Essentials with additives is prescription strength and requires a first time purchase consultation that can be done by phone. (Email us or phone us to arrange consultation.)

This special complex includes the additives 0.1% Retin-A, 6% Hydroquinione, and an SPF of 15. The daily lotion utilizes pure glycolic acid, the AHA with the smallest molecule size and greatest penetration.

Through the use of this lotion, Glytone allows you to achieve benefits in the simplest and most effective way.

Glytone Essentials Rejuvenate Daily Lotion SPF 15 really does rejuvenate and protect your skin.

The lotion is lightweight and oil-free, combining 10% glycolic acid, Retin-A, and Hq with SPF 15 protection. A unique, patented microvesicle delivery system slowly releases skin-enhancing glycolic acid, Retin-A, and moisturizing agents throughout the day. It smooths, softens and retexturizes skin for a healthy looking complexion.

Recommended Use:
Shake well before use. After using the appropriate cleanser, gently smooth over clean, dry skin. Use over lines and creases. Apply to face and neck, prior to sun exposure. Use as a night treatment or during the day under makeup.

Once you use this product, you too will be asking for Dr. Mash's "Miracle Mix!" .

2 fl.oz.
$ 70.00
MJM 18% Glycolic Cream
A concentrated treatment that contains a higher level of glycolic acid, especially designed for use on knees, elbows, hands and feet.

-Creates a smooth, healthy and beautiful texture on arms and legs
-Moisturizes the healing area
$ 22.50
MJM Restorative Moisturize
Restorative Moisturizer is specially formulated as a night treatment suitable for sensitive skin and those patients using retinoid therapies.

Plumping and hydrating properties create a noticeable difference in tone, texture and firmness. Effectively addresses maturing crepe-like skin.

Compared to expensive store-brands, this cream recieves rave reviews!
$ 66.00
MJM Ultra Lite Facial Cream
MJM Ultra Lite Facial Cream delivers smoother, softer, healthy-looking skin. This cream is without additives.

Ultra Lite has the emollient benefits of glycerin and squalane to deliver smoother, softer looking skin. The Ultra Lite formula utilizes a rich blend of antioxidants including Liposomal Vitamins A, C, E, Green Tea Extract, Co-Q10 to assist in minimizing free-radical-induced skin damage. Ideal for patient who is not overly dry but requires a light moisturizer. It can also be used by acne patients with dry skin.

1.6 oz.
$ 0.00
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