Microneedling - Marlene J. Mash, MD

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After three treatments using the "Skin Pen."
Submitted to Skin Pen from Elizabeth Steigner Medical Aesthetician,
Turpin, MD Plastic Surgery and Medical Aesthetics, Orange, CA.
Microneedling is a minimally invasive, in-office, skin rejuvenation treatment that improves fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, hyperpigmentation, stretch marks and other conditions by stimulating your skin’s natural ability to repair itself.

Available only through skin care professionals, Dr. Mash uses a medical-grade, state-of-the-art precision tool that works by creating a series of microscopic channels into the skin to stimulate production of new collagen and elastin. Your skin will look and feel healthier with little or no downtime! Microneedling is extremely versatile and can be used on all parts of the body and all on skin types. (Description of process from, The SkinPen by Bellus Medical)*

As we age, our body produces less and less collagen. If we could produce more collagen, we would have less aging-appearance-results. Scars, wrinkles, stretch mark’s and uneven skin tone are all lacking collagen.  

Micro-needling offers a treatment that encourages  collagen production in the skin, which helps prevent or reverse their forming of scars and wrinkles.. The technique of Micro-Needling has been shown to increase the remolding of the skin by creating thousands of microscopic channels thru the skin, to increase the formation of new tissue by activating the body’s wound healing process.
Many clinical studies show that skin Micro-Needling is very effective.

Advantages of Micro-Needling
  • Visual and noticeable improvement in a few days from the first treatment
  • Cost effective
  • Short healing time (1/2 ~ 1 day)
  • No permanent damage or injury
  • No bruising, infection, discoloration or other complications
  • Extremely high absorption of any active ingredients
  • Almost all skin types can be treated
  • Thickens the dermis without damaging or removing epidermis
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