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Cosmetic Dermatology
Are You ready for UltraShape?
Schedule a complimentary consultation to see if you are a candidate:
· UltraShape is ideal for people with stubborn fat or genetically acquired problem areas. You should have a BMI under 30 and be able to pinch an inch of soft subcutaneous fat.

· There are two major types of fat in your body: visceral (fat that forms around your organs) and subcutaneous (fat that forms under the surface of your skin).

· While eating right and working out can help reduce visceral fat, subcutaneous fat can be difficult to lose. UltraShape targets and eliminates stubborn (subcutaneous) belly fat that’s resistant to diet and exercise.

· For best results, maintaining a healthy lifestyle with diet and exercise is recommended. UltraShape is not recommended for major weight loss.

What is UltraShape?
UltraShape is the first and only FDA-cleared, non-invasive body shaping  device for selective fat cell destruction in women and men. The  UltraShape body contouring treatment uses proprietary  pulsed focused ultrasound to immediately destroy fat cells – and deliver  noticeable results in two weeks, without discomfort or downtime.
Dr. Mash uses UltraShape to target stubborn fat in the abdomen, flanks (“love  handles”), and thighs that is unaffected by diet or exercise. Unlike  liposuction, UltraShape is nonsurgical –which means no incisions,  anesthetics, or recovery time.
Unlike other fat reduction procedures that use heat or freezing of fat,  UltraShape is totally painless and leaves no visible signs of treatment,  so you can return to normal activities immediately.  In  fact, many patients do the procedure on their lunch break.  In three  quick 1 hour treatments you can get a flatter tummy, and can achieve a  decrease of 1-3 inches of waist-size or 1-2 dress sizes in less than 2  months.

The FDA-cleared technology uses pulsed focused ultrasound to immediately and painlessly eliminate fat cells all around the mid section. Unlike many other body shaping technologies, UltraShape uses a pure mechanical effect to destroy fat cells without using heat so treatments are comfortable. Fat cells are then permanently cleared through the body’s natural metabolic process.

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