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Feedback from our 'demo-patient' about UltraShape

Marlene J. Mash, MD
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On January 14, 2016, we invited some of our patients to join us for an informal discussion and a live demo of UltraShape. Our patient-guests had many questions for our visiting experts and our professional staff regarding the treatment, effectiveness, and safety.  Our demo-patient was receiving her second of her three treatments and answered first-hand questions during the demo:
"I feel nothing but mild pressure---like an ultrasound!"
"I noticed about a half-inch loss around my tummy about 2 weeks after my first treatment."
"I have changed nothing else in my routine so I could be a fair judge of the effectiveness of the treatment."
"I love the fact that I come in for about an hour, and have no down-time after it is done!"
"I cannot wait to see the end result."
Please accept my invitation for a free consultation at our office. This treatment is effective and safe.

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