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Marlene J. Mash, MD
Published in Patient reviews · 4 March 2018

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Average Vote: 1144.8/5
Milly Tyler
2018-09-01 12:40:42
(I also left this review on "Real Self" so everyone could know about Dr. Mash!) I had Ultherapy approx. 6 months ago to my lower face and neck. WOW! What a difference. I have a defined jawline again. My neck is not crepey or saggy anymore. My friends AND HUSBAND think I look 10 years younger.....and I couldn't agree more!
2018-08-23 17:00:36
I have been seeing this Dr. for Vitiligo and Alopecia . Wonderful Results. The staff is very pleasant and professional. I will be getting other things done here as well . I trust them and like them . I highly recommend them for all of your skin care needs . Trina M .
2018-05-23 08:23:02
I really love this office. I love all the people, I love how Dr. Mash treats people, and I love the fact that this was the first office they cared about making sure I had follow up care. I highly recommend this dermatologist.
Kat howard
2018-03-28 09:06:56
The staff in Dr.mash s office is great !! They make everyone feel most welcome all the time..Dr Mash, Maria, and Lisa,as well as the entire team ,have amazing daughter and l love having our treatments at their office ....we highly recommend them!
2018-03-21 20:42:43
I waited an hour to get in to my appointment. Too long of a wait However I can see why she is so popular. I went in for Botox on Groupon a few months ago and told the patient consultant I hated my skin texture. She recommended a prp and omg I love my skin. It has been a month and it is so smooth. I evengo without makeup. wow. great
izzie Giardi
2018-03-21 20:39:01
Wonderful! I never imagined that I could look better than I did 5 years ago. Lisa did an amazing job. Instalift is incredible. Thank you!!!!
Liz DeMarco
2018-03-12 14:42:34
The wait was too long! But then I saw Dr. Mash and it did not seem that it mattered. She was kind and apologetic about the wait, and spent more minutes than she probably should with me---and I guess that is why the wait time is too long. If I really like her and the staff. They are all very good at what they do and they are all very empathetic and energetic. So, I want to give 5 stars to EVERYTHING but the wait time.
Rain Sounder
2018-03-05 06:43:53
Went for Botox. Never expected to get such quality treatment for a bargain price. This will now be my dermatologist. I received free skin check while I was there and Dr. Mash noticed something on my back. She found out that it was Something to be concerned about but we found it in time and took care of it. I’m very lucky for this chance encounter.
Meredith Marzella
2018-03-04 18:47:46
the most gentle & kind doctor I've ever met! she makes the world a more beautiful place! thank you so much for everything dr. marlene!
Sandy Campenello
2018-03-04 18:13:20
She is wonderful. Staff is welcoming, beautiful office. Dr. Mash took her time with me and I look great!
Lisa Christine
2018-03-04 18:12:24
Great experience! Parking was no problem. The staff is warm and friendly and Dr. Mash surpassed all of my expectations!! She is honest and professional all the way through. I am very happy with my results!! I would definitely recommend this practice to anyone seeking an age reducing look!
Rob Schunke
2018-03-04 18:11:22
This is the best office i've been to. From intake to service to check out, this office is the pedigree of a medical operation. The staff and service is top notch. For any dermatology or cosmetic procedures, you have to see Dr. Mash and her staff!
2018-03-04 18:07:40
Had this mark on my lip for years. One day I talked to a friend who told me Dr. Mash could remove it in a second---she did. Unbelievable. No pain, real gain.looks geat. healed in a matter of days. love my lips.
Sarah Makinford
2018-03-04 16:13:02
There has never been a better doctor that Dr. Mash. She was the only doctor that was able to clear up my rash. Thank you everyone at the office for your kindness.
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